The following genres qualify for support: high-quality fiction, poetry, illustrated children’s books. Publishers are eligible for a subsidy of a maximum of two books by the same author.

In evaluating a project we consider:

  • the literary quality of the original book
  • the status of the publisher: catalogue, speciality, marketing efforts, special interest in translation, editorial accuracy, etc
  • the translator’s fee, as stipulated in the contract
  • the quality of the translator: previous projects that Traducta has supported, other finalised projects and experience in translating from the Estonian language in this particular genre
  • the quality of the translation: the final translation for which the subsidy is requested must be faithful to the original text, with respect for style, spirit, and content

The publication itself must be intended for a general audience. The following are excluded:

  • scientific, academic and educational works
  • popular fiction or popularised nonfiction
  • general cultural and art criticism publications
  • publications which will not be generally available
  • own-initiative publications
  • bibliophile or special editions with limited availability
  • unaltered reprints

Traducta expects a considerable effort from the publisher concerning the editorial care of the publication and its marketing, promotion, and distribution to bookshops, libraries, and specific media.

The translated edition must be distributed nationwide through recognised general book-trade channels.

Traducta expects the translated book to be available in ordinary bookshops for at least two years.